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A Special Friendship for Your Child
by Lisa M. Hendey

Book Review – Jesus, I Feel Close to You by Denise Stuckey

In her newly released book, Jesus I Feel Close to You (Paulist Press, November 2004, hardcover, 32 pages), author and art teacher Denise Stuckey employs images from a child’s everyday life to help emphasize the importance of a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Combining soft and charming illustrations by Phyllis Saroff with the recurring theme “Jesus, I feel close to you…” Stuckey relates the instances that come about in a child’s life to classic stories from the New Testament. Time spent helping Daddy at home relates to Jesus’ childhood years working with Joseph in the carpenter’s shop. A family picnic helps to recall the occasion of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Climbing a tree reminds the child of the story of the diminutive Zacchaeus, who was so anxious to have a good view of Jesus that he climbed to the top of a nearby sycamore.

As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our children is the knowledge that whatever happens in life, we can always call upon our friendship with Jesus Christ. He is there for us in times of trial, as well as moments of triumph. Jesus I Feel Close to You underscores this perpetual presence and reminds the reader to call upon and nurture this special friendship. Its simple message of intimacy and trust are something you will want to share with your child time and again. A comprehensive list of Bible references at the end of the book provides a great resource for parents who want to go to the “source” for sharing these great stories with their families. 

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Jesus, I Feel Close to You


Jesus, I Feel Close to You