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The Ten Things That Successful Parents Do
by Tom Olson
1. They are leaders as well as parents. They don't rely on the schools, the government, television, the movies or music to teach their children values and the difference between right and wrong. They do it themselves. 

Fight Nice: 
13 Relationship Tips for Parents of Young Children

by Susie Cortright
The heat of the moment is when we say things that can really damage intimacy. Here are some tips for staying calm, even amid the chaos that often defines life with young children: <more...>

Teens: Choose Your Friends Wisely
by Inez Haythorn
The news broadcast told of two teenage boys who called in a fake bomb threat at their local high school. They were caught and arrested. Along with the public disgrace of this incident and court case being televised, they  <more...>

"You Make Me Sick" 
and other things Parents Say in Anger

by Patricia Gatto ©2004 All Rights Reserved.
Maryann is so focused she's blind. She's slipped over the edge of responsibility and forgot the real reason she is working so hard. It's for her daughter. <more...>

Be a Beacon
by Patricia R. Chadwick
I have been reading a great book – Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids, by Sharon Jaynes, founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries. If you are a mom, you HAVE to read this book! Anyway, one of the many pearls of wisdom I gleaned from this book was that as a parent we need to <more...>

Lessons From Star: 
Dealing With The Loss of a Family Pet
by Valerie Zilinsky
Last Christmas, my husband convinced me that it was time to get our children a pet, and to let them learn all the valuable lessons that come along with that experience. It wasn't long before we were welcoming Lucky Star, a 3-month old puppy, into our family and into our hearts.  <more...>

Adorned in Modest Apparel: It Begins with the Heart
By Mrs. Crystal Paine
A few years ago, my goal in life was to fit in with the world. I didn’t want to look different or be dubbed "weird" by society. I fought against my parents’ wishes and desires for me...not always outwardly, but inwardly I very often resented the restrictions they placed upon me. Was I happy? <more...>

How to Get Kids to Behave
by Alvah Parker
As a grandparent of a 5 year old and a 2 year old I suddenly have an interest in updated parenting techniques. My parenting skills are 30+ years old. <more...>

Do your kids whine? 
These steps will help you win the war on whining! 
by Michelle Shelton
“I waaaannnnnnttt soooome candeeeee mameeeee.” The girl drew out her words in a long whiny voice as I stood in line at the grocery store.

“No Susie, you can’t have any candy and quit that whining!” Her mother snapped.  <more...>

Build Your Child's Character Through Compassion
by Anil Vij
Character is a set of qualities, or values, that shape our thoughts, actions, reactions and feelings. People with strong character show compassion are honest and fair display self-discipline in setting and meeting goals make good judgments, show respect to others show courage in standing up for beliefs have a strong sense of responsibility are good citizens who are concerned for their community maintain self-respect. <more...>

The Man of the House
by Dionna Sanchez
Moms have a great deal of responsibility within the home. There is no question that a home will only run smoothly if mom is on top of her game in her organization skills and if she radiates the warmth and gentleness her children need. <more...>

The Creature From The Pink Bedroom
by Valerie Zilinsky
Now Showing!  "The Creature From The Pink Bedroom" in live-action full-color 3-D!  Sounds like an ad for an old horror movie, doesn't it? Well, it's not.... it's actually my life as of recently. <more...>

Preparing Children for a Scary World
by Lorna Knox
I get in my car to drive across town, turning on the radio to check for a traffic report as I pull onto the freeway. The local news comes over the airwaves and within five minutes I learn that a man was arrested for placing a hidden camera in a public restroom <more...>

Becoming Listening Parents
by Alyice Edrich
Life can be bitter-sweet. One moment I am grieving the loss of a loved one and the next minute I am praising God for the loved ones in my life; especially my children—which had me wondering how I could make sure my children knew just how much I loved them and treasured our times together. Get too mushy and your teen will head for the door.

Beyond the Words, a Child's Voice
by Patricia Gatto
Voices have a way of falling into a pattern, not unlike the sound of constant rain. At first, the rain is obvious as it dramatically announces its arrival, and for a brief moment, you acknowledge the intrusion. But slowly, the rhythmic sounds fade into the background, becoming nothing more than a distant drone. <more...>

Powerful Families, Powerful Lives
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Children come in all shapes and sizes. As they grow and learn new skills, we as parents are constantly and consistently challenged to grow with them. It is easier than it sounds. Parenting can be downright tough.  <more...>

Is Your Child Well-Mannered?
by Mary Jesse
Good manners offer a lifetime of benefits. The rewards are too numerous to articulate and the cost is negligible. Not many investments boast such a considerable return. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior. Fortunately, there is much that parents can do help their children avoid the consequences of inconsiderate actions and harvest the considerable rewards for polite behavior.  <more...>

Creative Discipline
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
I’m no child expert, but I have been a mother long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, as parents, we inflict more harm than good simply because we feel angry, tired, or frustrated. Thinking about effective disciplining practices BEFORE they are needed can help save you and your children a lot of heart ache later. <more...>

I said, no, how many times do I have to tell you?
by Michelle Shelton
"How many times do I have to tell you?" Do you ever hear yourself saying this to your children? If so, you may be struggling with children that are unhappy, unmanageable, whiny, screamers, hitters, biters, unsociable, and down right hard to handle. These children may behave when you are with them but the minute your back is turned, they do the dastardly deed.  <more...>

I Heard You When You Said. . .
By Dan Zadra, Creator
If you feel warm, loving and appreciative toward yourself... if you consistently like and accept yourself despite your weaknesses and human frailties. . .  <more...>

Screaming Kids driving you nuts? 
To ignore or not to ignore, that is the question!
by Michelle Shelton
Often I will hear parents say, "I just ignore Jr. when he has a fit or  screams."  Though there may be times when this is appropriate it is not appropriate when Jr. is less than 5 years of age! Why? Because your child needs to  receive training in proper and acceptable behavior. Screaming to get your  own way is not proper or acceptable!  If your child is screaming to get something, there are reasons he is doing this and I caution 
you, you may not like them!  <more...>

Mother & Son: A Decade Together
by Valerie Zilinsky
As we welcome the beginning of a new year, I am also reminiscing about an entire decade that I've spent as a mother to my son. My adult life began in 1991, when the birth of my son forced me to grow up unexpectedly fast. Admittedly, I made some mistakes in the beginning, but I wouldn't trade those ten years of my life for anything. My son and I embarked on a long journey together a decade ago. <more...>

You Know You Have Small Children When…
by Christine Louise Hohlbaum
We have no idea how our lives will change once we have children. Then, we have them. In case you haven’t noticed, this may have happened to you, too.  You know you have small children when...  <more...>

The Key To His Smile
by Valerie Zilinsky
"Good Things Come In Small Packages." I can't remember the first time I heard that quote, but my son reminded me of it this Christmas, when he told me that his favorite present was the smallest one in size. <more...>

My child won’t share, what can I do? 
by Michelle Shelton
Years ago my husband and I attended a parenting class and one thing that stands out in my mind from that course was something very simplistic that the trainer said. He asked the question, “If your kid doesn’t like broccoli, what should you do?”  <more...>

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