Child and Homework


Homework Help: Motivate Your Child To Learn 
by Jenifer Pellegrino

Let's face it, children often aren't enthusiastic about homework. It is a crucial part of learning though, a reinforcement of what was taught that day in school. Here are some homework help ideas to get your child motivated to learn.

Reinforce Homework and School Work
For younger children: Take notice of what your child's homework assignment is. For youngsters, is it about learning the letter "D", with coloring pictures of ducks and practice writing? You can reinforce that lesson by taking your child to the park to see the ducks. Remind him to sound out "D", "Duck". Along with that lesson the color yellow might be being reinforced. Point out the yellow ducklings and ask her what color they are. She will be more apt to remember the letter "D" and the sound it makes "D is for duck", as well as the color yellow because she remembered the yellow ducklings. This is a fun and "sneaky" way of reinforcing your child's home and schoolwork because to her it will just be a fun time, but her brain will be learning!

For older Kids: Take note of the assignments they are working on. If they're struggling in a specific area, history for example, consider a trip to a museum, or renting a video relative to the period. Using ears as well as eyes to learn has been proven to be a very effective learning tool.

Motivate Your Child To Learn
Not only will you already be motivating your child to learn by reinforcing homework with fun activities, there are some other tips you can use as well. Be sure to Praise good work, go overboard a little if you have to. Don't just focus on the negative. Kids love good attention and once they figure out how to get it, they'll keep repeating the action to get the happy result. Reward your child with a special treat or afternoon outing for accomplishing a goal which was difficult at first. Since you have already motivated them to try harder, (or perhaps they motivated themselves) that should not go unnoted, or it might not happen again.

The Bottom Line
Children love praise and attention. They also love to do fun things. Use their homework as a basis for ideas to reinforce what they are learning, and you will have a motivated child who is a better learner.

Jenifer Pellegrino is a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful children. Visit her website for tons of home, family, health, gardening, fashion, trends, recipes, tips, freebies, and more articles and resources. This article is copyright 2003-2004, and may be redistributed in it's entirety only.

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Child and Homework

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Child and Homework