lesson plan for character education


Teaching Character
by Kay Green
My Precious Kid

What is character? How do we give it to our kids? How do we walk in it? Is it really so important? What does godly character look like? Do you find yourself asking these questions? I do! 

I want to raise my children in a godly manner. How do I judge that? Scripture is the most accurate. It gives us the picture of what godly men and women of character do. 

® Treat others, as you want to be treated 

® Speak the truth 

® Live by Godís precepts 

® Keep your word 

® Obey those in authority 

® Be respectful 

® Be accountable for your actions 

® Sacrifice for those in need 

® Turn the other cheek when wronged 

® Allow God to be your defender 

® Seek God first 

God has a plan for each of us. It is a plan to bring us a hope and a future. He will make a way when we seek him. 

We must be consistent with our children. We must reinforce the positive behavior and give consequences for the negative behavior. God showed me that He doesnít yell at me when I disobey. He gives me consequences to remind me to obey. I have found that works best with my children. If the first one doesnít bring about obedience, I increase the consequences until they obey. 

We must be consistent in our own life and live a godly example. Our children watch what we do more than they hear what we say. Am I doing this? Am I living Godís example in front of them? Am I willing to apologize when I make a mistake? 

Perfection is not possible in this lifetime, but excellence is. My friend said excellence is one step farther than yesterday. I can do that. Can you? Reach for excellence in all that you do. Press into God and watch how He changes you and your children. 

Kay Green and her family live in rural Oregon. They have home schooled for the past 8 years. She loves helping new families start the journey of home school. 

She has also written the book: HOME SCHOOL AFTER PUBLIC SCHOOL. 

This book is available through her web page. http://www.PreciousKids.org 
You can also reach Kay by E-mail at Kay@preciouskids.org 

Article written by Kay Green, Christian homeschool mom to Melissa 20, Jordan 17, Allison 15, Haley 2. Her and her husband of 23 years live in rural Oregon with the kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Kay owns http://www.MyPreciousKid.com children's ID products and home business program. Kay loves helping others have a successful home business too. Kay also owns http://www.PreciousKids.org Adoption & Homeschool Resources, http://www.123PhoneRates.com $2 a month 800# and http://www.CreativeChristians.com Christian Gift Mall 

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lesson plan for character education