better to give than to receive


Learning That It's Better to Give than to Receive
by Lisa M. Hendey

We've all heard the saying "It's better to give than to receive," but for children this can be a difficult lesson to learn. In Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party, Mrs. Twiggenbotham teaches her granddaughter Felicity first hand that "God's greater joy is in giving."

This hardcover book, released in June 2003 by Kregel publications, tells the story of an evening that changes little Felicity's perspective on the many blessings she has in her life. As the story begins, Felicity is passing a quiet evening at Grandmother's, and is lamenting the fact that she has fallen in love with a new doll she's seen in the window. Her parents have informed her that she may have the doll (the sixth in the series and one she feels she just must have), but that she will have to wait until her birthday.

Grandma/Mrs. Twiggenbotham, involves Felicity in baking a special dessert for a needy family nearby and the two set off to deliver the dessert. As the evening progresses, Felicity learns that indeed "God's greater joy is in giving." 

As a bonus, the book features two special recipes that young readers can prepare and enjoy with the help of their families.

Mrs. Twiggenbotham Goes to a Party will help young children to recognize and count their blessings, and to look for opportunities to give and share with others. 

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better to give than to receive


better to give than to receive