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Back To School - Fun or Blues?
by Susie Glennan
The Busy Woman, Inc.

Do you look forward to your children going back to school? Do you dread getting them ready? There’s so much to do such as purchase new school clothes and office supplies and then get it all organized. 
Make it a fun time for all of you. Use this time to teach your children how to organize. Encourage them with the excitement of having neat, new, and clean things. It really does make a difference!

Setting up a new notebook with each child will help them have a place for everything and everything in its place. This lessens the chance of lost papers and lower grades. If you let your child choose how they want to set up their binder, but oversee the process, chances are they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for when they need it throughout the year. This includes that all-important homework! Our schools have binder checks at least once per month. Sadly however, they don’t have the time to teach organization skills.

I feel the most important aspect of back to school time is organization of their school supplies, primarily their notebook/binder. Children who aren’t taught how to set up their binder usually have trouble in school because of missing papers. We had a child come to our home one day in absolute tears. When we got to the root of the problem, we started by going through her notebook with her and found it an absolute wreck! Everything was out of order, mixed together, and she was unable to find any papers on any one subject. There were way too many papers from at least six months prior. When I asked her if she could find her spelling words, she could not.

My daughter and I sat with her for almost 2 hours taking all of the old papers out, organizing the papers she needed to keep, and putting together an almost brand new binder, neat, clean, and in order. After that she was able to find her papers. Unfortunately it was a little too late because the school year was almost over.

And something else we’ve encountered with teachers of all three of our children is grading a paper and somehow not getting the grade into the grade book. In California our children have as many as 40 children per class. But because my children are organized they were able to pull out the paper in question and show the grade to the teacher. This has happened more times than I can count on both hands.

I know this only touches the surface so check the website for more back to school tips.

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Back to School Tips


Back to School Tips