baby heirlooms


Baby Heirlooms
By Dionna Sanchez

Do you sit misty-eyed at that box full of your child's precious baby things? It is so hard to get rid of items that remind you of such a magical time filled with joy and love. There are ways you can keep some of those treasured baby heirlooms, without donating them or stuffing them in a box. You can select some of your most favorite outfits along with a pair of shoes, a hair ribbon or a hat and create a shadow box. Shadow boxes are great for storing and displaying favorite outfits and belongings. You can line them in a hallway or display them in your child's room even while they are growing. 

Another idea is to save a few baby hangers and actually hang a few special outfits on the wall. Clothes aren't the only things we tend to want to save. Some of our children's rattles and little toys are too special to get rid of. You can use some of their first rattles as keychains or do what I did. I saved some of the selected favorites and hang them on our Christmas tree! They are every bit (if not more) special than some of our ornaments and add such nostalgia at Christmas time.
If you brainstorm, you can find ways to display these tender items

Anywhere within your home. What special warmth you will derive from them and they can be great conversation pieces as well. You can finally savor these baby items for a lifetime!!

~ Dionna Sanchez shares many ideas with moms at Emphasis On Moms

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baby heirlooms

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baby heirlooms