baby diaper bag


Top 20 Items to Pack in a Diaper Bag
by Danielle Hollister
Ezine for Writers - BellaOnline

1. Diapers (5 -7 is a fairly safe supply).

2. Wipes

3. Cream (like Desitin, A&D ointment, Vaseline).

4. Baby Powder

5. At least one bottle of juice or milk

6. A few jars of baby food

7. At least one clean outfit

8. A few bibs

9. A few cloth diapers to clean up spit and other spills

10. Items to entertain your baby (rattles, books, toys)

11. Baby thermometer

12. Teething rings

13. Biter biscuits or similar type of crackers

14. Medicine for fevers, colds, related symptoms

15. Any prescription medications

16. Measuring device for medications

17. Baby Nail Clippers

18. Phone number of Baby’s Physician

19. Any stuffed animals or favorite blankets your baby needs to fall asleep

20. Any parenting books you refer to frequently to find answers to unexpected questions

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baby diaper bag


baby diaper bag