Anniversary Present Idea


A Marriage Investment
by Dionna Sanchez 

Every year when our anniversary rolls around, I start fretting about what kind of a gift I can give my husband. I want the item to be symbolic and special. It can be so hard to find romantic presents for your spouse at times! 

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to change our anniversary traditions. Instead of giving each other a little something (that may or may not be something we wanted or could use); we decided to collaborate and go in on one item together. This item would be something for our home or something that we could mutually use together. It would be an investment into the lives we were/are building together. 

This ritual has worked really well for us and turned out to be just as meaningful if not more so than separate gifts for one another. We are jointly stating that we believe in our future and in our daily lives as husband and wife. 

The first year we decided to do this we purchased a new set of dishes for our home. This year since we are in a new home and are focusing on landscaping, we are going to pick out a specific tree or bush as our anniversary investment. 

Just because there are customs out there that have always been done a certain way doesn't mean that you can't come up with a new idea of your own, or a different way of celebrating a special moment in your lives together. 

For my husband, and me we found a way of doing something that works well for us; a way that shows we have a belief in one another. 

I like the investment we are making into our marriage. I encourage you to find a way to invest in yours that holds special meaning in your lives, as well. 

~ Dionna Sanchez will celebrate her ten year anniversary with her husband Eliseo this August. Visit her website for more marriage ideas at

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Anniversary Present Idea


Anniversary Present Idea