The Adventures of Little Fox


Book Review: Adventures of Little Fox
by Alyice Edrich
The Dabbling Mum

The Adventures of Little Fox is not only a heartwarming book filled with valuable life lessons, it’s a book filled with adventure! Through each captivating page, children learn what it’s like to be a fox—how they bond, how they hunt, how they protect themselves from predators, how they learn to watch out for human hunters, and how they live. They even learn the importance of passing down family values and family history.

In the beginning, we learn about Trecar, a little fox born to two, loving, caring parents. Her parents, Serena and Timmeno instruct Trecar in the way of the fox: her daily training consisted of learning to hunt, stalk, track, and hide.

Halfway through the story Trecar is living on her own when a stranger, a fox by the name of Cody, happens upon her den. Cody got separated from his family and never learned to hunt or mark his territory. Trecar could sense that he needed someone to guide him so she offered to let him stay with her while she trained him in the ways of the fox.

Time passes and the two fall madly in love. They conceive a child together and begin to build a life for themselves when Cody is injured and taken away by a human. The human nursed Cody back to health, while Trecar and her new pup searched high and low for their loved one. After a few days, Trecar gave up hope of ever finding her husband again and began teaching her little pup, Little Fox, the ways of the fox.

But one day, while Trecar was hunting, Little Fox wanders off on his own—in search of his mother. He meets many interesting creatures along the way, he befriends a squirrel, learns to swim and so much more. By no short miracle, Little Fox, Trecar, and Cody find each other and their little family is reunited with tears and laughter.

This is a wonderful book that is sure to become a family treasure.

The Adventures of Little Fox: Generations
By Marlin L. Houser
ISBN: 0-9752703-1-1
Retail: $7.95 for soft cover

Marhouse Inc.
PO Box 150605
Altamonte Springs, FL 32715

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The Adventures of Little Fox


The Adventures of Little Fox