advent sermon series


Part 1

by Ted Schroder
Paula Gooder, has written a superb book about the spirit of Advent entitled “The Meaning is in the Waiting”. The title is taken from a poem by R.S. Thomas (1913-2000), who was a pastor/poet in Wales. The poem, Kneeling, describes the preacher in prayer before he speaks. <more...>

Part 2

Waiting for the Day of the Lord
by Ted Schroder
David Germain of Associated Press, (Florida Times-Union, November 16, 2009) writes, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Hollywood feels fine. Global warming, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, continuing terrorist threats and the economic meltdown have people in a gloomy, even end-of-days frame of mind. Filmmakers are tapping into worries about humanity’s future with apocalyptic sagas such as ‘2012,’ ‘The Road’ and ‘The Book of Eli,’ along with documentaries about environmental or economic doom. <more...>

Part 3

A Lifetime of Waiting
by Ted Schroder
“It is appropriate that, as Advent draws to a close, we spend the last week watching and waiting with Mary, the focus of the fourth candle on the Advent wreath, remembering not only the waiting that she did as she awaited Jesus’ birth but the waiting that she had to do for the whole of his life, and beyond. No parent-to-be can properly comprehend before birth the lifetime of joy, anxiety, delight, guilt, pleasure, and fear that await her or him once the baby has been born.  <more...>

More on Advent:

Advent: Christmas Expectation
by Barbara Laufersweiler of Faith at Home
The three to four weeks before Christmas Day can be a very busy time of putting a lot of energy into our Christmas activities. Many of us make or buy Christmas gifts, decorate our homes, make special foods, and attend and throw parties in this short span of time. <more...>

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
by Barbara Laufersweiler
Faith at Home
The season of Advent is about waiting, about preparation, about quiet and mystery. Christmas is a celebration of God incarnate, now accessible, among us. Epiphany is the visit of the magi, Jesus' baptism, and the start of the world learning about him. These seasons of the church year offer a welcome rhythm for family life at a time of year that can so easily be hectic and full of frustrations. <more...>




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The Meaning is 
in the Waiting
by Paula Gooder
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advent sermon series


advent sermon series