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This site is a personal ministry of the Caton Family.  This not-for-profit ministry seeks to bring together great content written by independent writers with a focus on family and faith.

About Carl Caton

Rising tall among the great men of all ages is… not how you would begin this biography. But Carl Caton is a man who loves the Lord and his family. He's been the husband of his high school sweetheart and best friend, Kelli, for twenty six years. His two teenagers bring incredible satisfaction and joy to his life. Carl and his family attend Community Bible Church and he co-founded the Garden Ridge Men's Bible Study in 1990. Carl received his degree in Finance & Real Estate from Angelo State University. He
works in real estate, blah, blah, blah, and is the founder of the Christian Net Group, an effort that assists Christian family ministries in developing internet publishing strategies. He is the publisher of a dozen Christian themed websites including the worldwide favorite and eleven others that people never look at. 

Carl enjoys leading men’s bible studies. He serves on this board and that board and aren't you bored. His favorite bible verse is Acts 2:42-48 because it models God's plan for community. His favorite quote is "kids spell love t-i-m-e". Hobbies include camping, hunting, and doing anything that involves his family. He would like to describe himself as an avid runner but his son has suggested the term “runner” is being used very loosely. As such, Carl shuffles one mile a day. Recently read books include The Light and the Glory, History of the World-Part 23, and Better Digestion for Dummies. He is the proud owner of two of the world’s finest Border Collies. His wife has a little yip-yip dog that deserves no further mention.

For the full, two volume, self-published autobiography, The Complete Life History and Resume of Carl Caton, including bonus extra large, glossy photos, please mail a self addressed box to the address shown. (Just kidding)

Some Random Thoughts about Christian Publishing  

Over the years, we have been involved with various Christian ministries and felt that the internet was one of the greatest new tools that has impacted the Christian world in quite some time.  Most Christian ministries have been 'locked-out' of the mainstream media for decades.   Therefore, they have set up what I call the "Christian underground".  Ministries and churches communicate with their constituencies through the most expensive means possible... direct mail.  Other ministries that have radio exposure PAY for the right to be heard.  Amazing huh?  Many of the radio ministries that we know and love, such as Focus on the Family, actually pay radio stations to air THEIR valuable message.  Seems like it should be the opposite, right?  When you think about how much money is being spent by these wonderful ministries, just to be heard, it makes you want to cry.

So along comes the internet, promising a new connection to constituents, where these same ministries can communicate with their followers... for free (well almost).  Here's a flowery quote from George Gilder's book Telecosm, that makes this sound more exciting:

"When anyone can transmit any amount of information, any picture, any experience, any opportunity to anyone or everyone, anywhere, at any time, instantaneously, without barriers of convenience or cost, the resulting transformation becomes a transfiguration." 1

In other words, when the stranglehold of liberal media fades away, the influence of Christian media, ideas, and materials will again rise in importance.  Let me give you a great example.  I received a letter from a large pro-life organization recently.  The author writes that one of the most important advances for the year involves the internet.  You may have seen the picture that floated around on the internet for months of the hand of a fetus that was gripping the surgeon's finger.  What a compelling image!  Who could possibly call that little child a "piece of tissue"?  (Go to, click 'images' and search fetus.jpg and take a look... it will make you pro-life!)  This is just one example of how powerful and transforming the internet can be!

So, we've said that the internet will make it easier for Christians to communicate.  Further, the internet will help Christians communicate with non-Christians as well.  Consider this quote from The Internet Church by Walter P. Wilson:

"With virtually no oversight, the Internet has spun itself into what the techno elite call the largest anarchy in the world.  Hundreds of millions of messages are passed daily between people without the control or management of any central authority.  Americans cannot appreciate the impact of this open forum as much as others, which is why U.S. Christians may not understand how they can now impact the world as never before with the gospel"2

The internet has become a forum where Christians can communicate with and minister to non-Christians.  It is a new way to share the love of Jesus Christ with the world around us.  This becomes particularly effective, in that, people use the privacy of the internet to find answers to personal problems.  This is a great opportunity for us.  Websites can be published that provide answers to common problems such as these.  These sites are called 'bridge sites', in that, you use this bridge to reach people and as a means of earning the right to share the Good News that we have with others.

Our goal with People of Faith is to bring attention to many authors who provide great content for raising families with Christian values.  I hope that you will explore the websites of the many authors who contribute material to our site.

1. Telecosm by George Gilder, pg 4.
2. The Internet Church by Walter P. Wilson, pg. 36.

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