Christmas gift basket ideas


Christmas gift basket ideas for teens

Christmas Gift Baskets for Teens
by Patricia R. Chadwick
Parents and Teens

It can be a difficult task finding imaginative gifts that your teenager will be thrilled to receive. Most teens want money! If you donít want to give your kids money and are looking for the perfect gift, check out these ideas for Christmas Gift Baskets.

Gift Basket for Teen Girls

∑ face cleanser
∑ perfume
∑ make-up
∑ special shampoo
∑ hand cream
∑ earrings or small jewelry
∑ CDs
∑ phone card
∑ nail polish
∑ key chain 


Gift Basket for Teen Boys
∑ deodorant
∑ shaving cream
∑ cologne or aftershave
∑ face cleanser
∑ hair gel
∑ sport cards
∑ key chain


College/High School Student Gift Basket
∑ Post-It notes
∑ Pens
∑ Pencils
∑ Markers
∑ Stamps
∑ Index cards
∑ Phone cards
∑ Calendar or date book
∑ Breakfast bars
∑ Certificates for fast good restaurants


Snack Basket
∑ homemade cookies
∑ chips
∑ gum
∑ hard candy
∑ popcorn
∑ chocolate


Home Movie Night Basket
∑ video or gift certificate to a video store
∑ microwave popcorn (movie theater style, of course!)
∑ 2 liter bottle or 6 pack of their favorite soda
∑ candy 


Golferís Basket
∑ golf tees
∑ golf hat
∑ golf balls
∑ golf shirt
∑ golf towel
∑ ball markers
∑ water bottles 
∑ granola or energy bars
∑ pass for green fees


Relaxation Basket
∑ line basket with washcloth
∑ soaps
∑ bubbles
∑ bath oil
∑ lotion
∑ fragrant candle


New Years Eve Basket
∑ sparkling fruit juice
∑ glasses
∑ party hats & noise makers
∑ sparklers
∑ confetti
∑ balloons
∑ certificate inviting your teens to have a New Years Eve bash at your house.


Beach Loverís Basket
∑ beach towel
∑ salt water taffy
∑ stationery with a beach theme
∑ deflated beach ball
∑ suntan lotion
∑ disposable camera

These gift ideas were taken from the new book HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH TEENS written by Patti Chadwick, available in both ebook and print formats at Stop by Parents & Teens and pick up a copy today.

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