United Way 2-1-1


United Way 2-1-1
by Jacqueline Washington
Making Ends Meet

Sometimes people may run into financial difficulties or other unfortunate situations and may not know where to turn. Here is a resource that may be useful. 

When people need emergency assistance they call 911. Now through United Way people will be able to access information on health and human services. When you call 2-1-1 you are connected to a trained specialist who will direct you to local agencies to address your needs such as; Basic Human needs: food banks, clothing, rent and utilities assistance, Physical and mental resources, Employment support, Support for children, youth and families, and Support for older Americans and persons with disabilities.

2-1-1 serves 70 million Americans - 25% of the US population 86 active 2-1-1 systems in 24 states visit http://www.211.org/status.html for information in your state.

About the author:
Jacqueline Washington is the Co-Founder of Making Ends Meet, an online organization that is dedicated to assisting single mothers nationwide with financial assistance resources, at http://www.making-ends-meet.org
Contact Jacqueline Washington at info@making-ends-meet.org

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United Way 2-1-1

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United Way 2-1-1