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How to Open the Storehouse of Heaven
By Gwenn McKone
Why are so many people lacking in this world? God wants us to live in abundance. He wants us to have enough food to eat-in fact, He wants us to have enough food so that we have extra left over to share with others. He wants to be our provider. Read on to see how to receive His provision, and why you may be lacking at this <more...>


people of faith


The Promise of Life
by Ted Schroder
Paul is writing, at the end of his life, from a prison in Rome. He was chained (1:16) like a criminal, because he was accused of promoting sedition against the Roman Empire by proclaiming Jesus as Lord, and refusing to worship Caesar as Lord. (2:9) Only Luke is with him to tend to his needs. (4:11) He was awaiting trial, and was not expecting to be acquitted. Execution loomed. The Neronian persecution of AD 64 had gathered him <more...>

May I Walk You Home: 
A Guide to Sharing Christ's Love With the Dying 
by Melody Rossi
This journey is different from any other you will ever take. Though it will leave you changed, it is not your journey. Rather, you are walking alongside someone else who is discovering the ultimate destination. The person whose journey it is must set the course and take the lead. This is not yours to do. You are there to offer support and lighten the load when you can <more...>

What New Year's Resolutions Say About the Culture and the Church
By Dr. Paul Dean
The Barna Group's report on American's 2011 New Year's Resolutions is out. The summary of their research is revealing: "Individualism Shines Through..." Not surprisingly, of those who made resolutions, the top two categories had to do with issues related to weight/health and debt/finances. <more...>

Overcoming Selfishness
By Theo Stringer
How often have we judged people, conditions, or events based upon what we know about them? On the other hand how much do we really know about the people we meet, the things we see, the events and circumstances of life? If we are really honest with ourselves we would have to admit that we don't know nearly as much as we want people to think we do. <more...>

Getting Distracted By Life
by Dionna Sanchez
Depression. Ambition. Loneliness. Bitterness. Busyness.
All of these things have something in common. And that is that the focus of each one of these is on ourselves. We are centered and thinking about our own situation, feelings, environment, and mood. Life can do that to us. <more...>

Don't Forget to Dream
by Tim Dowdy with Tim Luke
There is one decision you must make that supersedes all other decisions. It will determine whether any other decision you ever make is successful. The only authentic way to decide who you are is first to decide who Jesus Christ is. Not everyone believes it, but the entire universe hinges upon His identity. <more...>

The Lie of Isolation
by Dionna Sanchez
Have you ever noticed that when you are going through something in your life that is really tough, that you tend to push others away? Do you know why that is?

Compassionate Caregiving: 
Practical Help and Spiritual Encouragement 
by Lois Knutson
I did not realize it at the time, but when I first began caring for Mom after moving back to Minnesota, my approach to caregiving was similar to that of a fire fighter. A medical, psychological, socioeconomic, or family crisis developed and I tried to "put it out" in the most effective way possible. As the number of crises increased, at times I became discouraged and knew that I needed something deeper to keep me going—in addition to my love for Mom.  <more...>

The Ultimate Definition of Respect
By Karen Wolff
As a parent I can surely tell you that when your kids don't show you respect it is really hard not to want to ground them until they're 30. At least. We all try to instill the importance of honoring authority into our kids. Yet, we all have more than a little trouble honoring the authority that's over our own lives. <more...>

Living Your Faith at Work 
and Wrestling With the Seven Deadly Sins
Author: Winnie Anderson
The list of violations we know today as the Seven Deadly Sins is believed to have been compiled in the first few centuries after the death of Jesus. But these sins continue to be alive and well in workplaces around the world. <more...>




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